Insulated Sandwich Panel Line

Insulated Sandwich Panel Line Systems

Bradbury and Hilleng have played leading roles in the establishment and growth of the panel laminating industry around the world. Now part of Bradbury Australia, Hilleng has manufactured and supplied Panel Laminating Lines to more than 38 countries worldwide.

We are committed to providing our clients with superior products and service. The quality of our machinery, the ingenuity of our designs, and our extensive network of service support are manifestations of that commitment.

Currently in development are a number of new products, including Core Insulation Loaders, Lamination Presses, Cut-Off Units, and Robotic Loading & Unloading Systems. In addition, we have updated many current products with the latest servo drives and PLC logic controllers for increased automation and productivity. Visit our website whenever you need panel production or handling equipment to see our latest products.

Features Include:

  • Over 30 years of continued research, design development, and engineering expertise
  • Offering assured life-time spare parts back-up and compatible upgrade supplies
  • Combined with reliable pre-sale, installation, and after-sale service, anywhere in the world
  • Line speed tailored to suit customers’ requirements 4mtrs/min to 7mtrs/min
  • Variety of interlock joints to choose from such as the z-lock, concealed fix, offset panel and slip joint profile
  • Various roofing profiles such as trapezoidal, corrugated, weatherboard, and wall panel
  • Option for a dual level roof and wall panel profile in the one machine
  • Core material trimming station
  • BGA Patented spray glue system
  • Automatic stretch wrapper system
  • Silent cutting technology
  • Fast wire for various types of haunch cuts
  • State of the art turnover and pick and place system
  • Spray release snuff back system

  • Continuous System
  • Discontinuous System
  • Mineral Wool Slicer System
  • IntroPlant™100
  • Panel Line Upgrades

BGA Panel Laminating System


BGA Mineral Wool Slicing Equipment

BGA Spray-Glue System