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Innovative in design Bradbury Group Australia has over 30 years’ experience in the rollforming Industry, producing machinery to the highest of standards. Bradbury Group Australia's commitment to innovation in the rain water industry has seen us develop over 200 different profiles for customers all over the world. Below is a list of some of the machines we have manufactured.

Bradbury Group Australia's dual level machine is one of our most efficient systems we have in the market, unique in its advantage to offer customers a second profile while utilising the same footprint as you would for a single level machine. This new development has seen a change in the industry for customers wanting to maximise real estate, other key advantages is the ability to utilise the same coil feed for both profiles saving on changeover time. Ideal for your quad & fascia or roll top & valley set up. 

Bradbury Group Australia's portable machine a petite and robust system commonly used to roll form a profile onsite, originally designed for the US Bradbury Group Australia's portable machines have evolved from our 250+ half round machines to now offering multiple gutter profiles and our new standing seam system.

Dedicated Machines

  • Steel Fascia
  • Quad Gutter
  • Square Line Gutter
  • Fascia Gutter
  • Half Round Gutter
  • Round Downspout
  • Square Downspout
  • Rectangle Downspout
  • OGEE Gutter
  • Colonial Gutter
  • Steel Valley
  • Roll Top Ridge
  • Standing Seam
  • Multiple Trim Profiles 

Dual Level Machines

  • Quad & Fascia
  • Roll Top & Valley
  • Half Round & Square Line
  • Roll Top & Quad
  • Roll Top & Gable Roll 

Portable Machines

  • Half Round
  • Quarter Round
  • Standing Seam 

Features Include:

  • Robust main frame construction
  • Manufacturing facilities in house
  • Over 60 years engineering experience in the roll forming industry
  • User friendly cut to length system
  • SMART cut feature
  • Hands free option
  • Pre shear option
  • CNC profiled roll tooling
  • New BGA designed heavy duty pedestal assembly

BGA Round Downpipe Rollformer

BGA Dual Level Half Round & Square Line Gutter Rollformer

BGA Dual Level Roll Top & Valley Rollformer

BGA Downspout Rollformer